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At Sona Management, we understand that great service starts with great property managers.  This is why Sona Property Management is structured in a way to keep account loads low, provide tools that increase the property manager's efficiency and do this while keeping operating costs low.  Retaining managers and keeping work manageable results in an unmatched level of service at competitive costs.  

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Improve Homeowner Communications

Take advantage of our phone application service.  We custom design phone applications for your community that allows instant communication with your homeowners and residents through alerts.  

Homeowners are also able to access community info, forms, submit service issues, etc.  Website services are also available.

Customer Service

Customer care is our highest priority at Sona Property Management. Emergency customer service is available 24/7 along with our homeowner web portal for quick response time.


Our services include accurate accounting and financial reporting using the most current accounting software. Monthly financial reports provided are tailored to each community.


Sona Property Management will help you work with experienced contractors while obtaining needed evidence of insurance and developing a maintenance schedule to properly maintain your community.

Property Managers

We only hire experienced managers with CACM certification so that your community is not used as a training ground for inexperienced managers.


Custom built Customer Service Software that is unmatched.

Sona Management's own proprietary customer service software was designed for property managers.  Where our service differs greatly from the competition is that our software is also being designed BY property managers.  

This allows us to improve and customize our system as needed based on the direct needs of Property Managers or the Associations they manage.